Welcome to Information Kiosk Builder!

This is my Midterm project for Intermediate Game Development. In it, you go through the process of creating an information kiosk at a city park. This is something I did in real life during Summer of 2017 at Fiesta Island city park in San Diego, California. I worked on the real life project for most of that Summer and learned a lot while doing it, so since it was a large and somewhat formative part of my life in San Diego, I decided to turn it into a game for this memoir assignment.

I overall had a lot of fun making this game, I have never created a building system in Unity before, so that being the crux of this game was definitely an interesting and exciting challenge. I also was very interested in implementing a real time painting mechanic, which I spent a considerable amount of time working on, but never succeeded in fully implementing it, instead altering the idea slightly to being click to paint each piece of the structure. This painting mechanic definitely was the least fun part of this game, and one of the decisions I am less happy with is choosing to spend so much time working on that. I was worried about the art for this game as I do not consider myself a good artist, but actually one of the most surprisingly fun aspects of creating this game was doing the 3D modeling and curating my scene. I really enjoyed converting this very vivid memory I have into a playable artistic rendition.

I hope you enjoy the final product and can get a taste of what it was like building your very own information kiosk in a city park!


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