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The army of the damned needs a new accountant!

Process the transactions and assets of your necromantic legion so that they may conquer and rule.

This game was created in Google Sheets. Please make a copy and follow the instructions in order to play.

Play Here!

Dividends & Decay was designed and created by Jordan Grayson. Skeleton cover art is from Dragon Magazine #138 illustrated by Jeff Easely, photoshopped by Jordan Grayson.


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I like the idea but it feels like work. I think if there was some aspect of decision making added in it would be more fun.

Thanks for playing! Yeah I was definitely trying to evoke the feeling of working in spreadsheet but I can see how it could use some further decision points and fun actions so it doesn't fall too squarely into feeling like work. 

If I had more time during development I would have wanted to have opportunities for the player to choose which orders to process within a budget and assess how well they did at the end, instead of just processing a set of given orders.

I appreciate the feedback and comment!