Hue Drop

Press SPACE to change colors!

Swap colors as you fall to match the blocks you hit. The longer you play the more colors there are to switch through. Try to see how long you can survive!

This project was created over a 1-week period. Programming, design, and visuals by Jordan Grayson. Song 'Eject the Pod' by Jeffrey Brice. Font 'Expressway' created by and licensed from Ray Larabie. Sound Effects from

'Eject the Pod'
Song a Day 2016 by Jeffrey Brice is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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TagsColorful, one-button
AccessibilityOne button


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Super impressive concept for a one button game! Shifting through the different schemes of color started to get super difficult once I found my way through a few colors! It's hard but like in the good way, where it makes far runs feel super rewarding. One suggestion I would have is more often than not I felt like I wasn't making contact with the platforms or just barely missing contact. Idk any concrete ways to fix it, but might be worth looking into.


Very impressive! It's such a simple premise, yet so addicting. I kept wanting to go back and beat my high score! I finished at like 500ish. The ball hitting the boards feels super satisfying to me and the physics feel just floaty enough to give you time to react and cycle through your colors for the incoming board. The aesthetic is nice, I like the colors you went with, as well. Great song choice, really fits! I think you could possibly add a different song for every new color that's introduced -- just an idea! Maybe even to ramp up the difficulty a bit, the ball could get just slightly faster with each new color? These are the only ideas that come to mind on areas of improvement -- this is a solid concept and great execution!!


Jordan! Great work on the game and really interesting mechanic. The game has a really clean aesthetic and I could easily see it on mobile now. The falling feels really natural and the bounces give the player enough time to react and change to the appropriate color, but it would be interesting if the bounces later on gave the ball more speed or wackier angles. Balancing more colors is a great way to scale difficulty, and I think that you spend enough time in purple and blue to get used to the mechanic before you gain another color, so great work on the tuning there. I had a bit of difficulty with the framerate, but that could just be on my machine. Overall, great work!


Wow Jordan, you did a great job with the design and implementation of this game within the week! It's so easy to grasp but keeps my interest high and makes me want to keep coming back. The difficulty scales super well too, as while it's not hard to balance the two colors, it can quickly get hectic to balance more and more. The segments between new colors are the perfect length, where they allow time for the player to get comfortable, but not too comfortable.

To give a pretty small nitpick, I wish there was a bit more space between when a new color is introduced and when platforms start to appear. On my first playthrough, I lost a heart right after green was added, because I wasn't sure where it was added in the rotation, and so I didn't know how many clicks were necessary to get to the color I needed. While this doesn't become an issue in subsequent playthroughs, it still felt a little cheap when I was first starting, and I wouldn't want that potential frustration to cause anyone to shy away from this otherwise amazing game.

Again, I cannot stress enough how great this game is. Maybe even better than Buford, Wyoming... But in all seriousness, great job!


You've created such an elegant mechanic that's really fun to play with! Totally plays like an infinite mobile game with some spunk.

One thing I've notice that felt sort of clunky that after falling for a while without hitting anything, the ball's trajectory will point straight down, and while that's totally how gravity is supposed to work, I think i'd be interesting to see if the ball was always slightly facing a direction rather than straight down. Sometimes you get really radical bounces off the platforms that send you in a completely different direction, but other times it's like a tiny little tap that barely changes the angle, like a ping pong ball just barely grazing the edge of the table.

I think the most exciting part is getting those really radical bounces that send the ball in a new direction with some force behind it. And while it's great that the platforms have randomly generated position and rotation, it'd be cool if the range of possible rotations was optimized for achieving those radical bounces. 

Really excellent game with tremendous potential, great job :]


This is a super great idea and as people have said before feels like a solid start to one of those popular freemium mobile games. I like the hectic feel of quickly cycling through several colors in later stages, and I definitely appreciate the max speed on the gravity to allow you to pull off those changes/split second reactions. I wish that in addition to amount of colors increasing, so did the player's speed, even if the ball was just a bit faster to begin with and never changed. One thing I wished at the beginning of playtesting was for the circles displaying the color order/cycle to be a bit more prominent when adding a new color. It was pretty clear that it was a toggle when there were only two colors, but once a third got added, some blinking or added UI scale to alert the player of that change would be helpful. The other thing I might say regarding the aesthetics is that the z-depth of the platforms sometimes made it confusing whether or not you would hit a specific platform when you were near the edge. Maybe scaling the z down a bit, or adding a soft straight down light to cast a shadow on a platform would help! Overall, this is a super fun and promising prototype!


Played/Watched this during Playtest Thursday. This is such an amazing concept! I’d love to see a more polished version of this; and can totally see this as a mobile game.


Hey Jordan. This is a really cool concept and I think its well executed. It felt like a chill mobile game, and the mechanics and artstyle was succinct and complemented each other nicely! However, I did feel as though the ball was a bit too slow. I understand that one way the game gets harder is through more colors, but I think if the balls speed was faster, or if the ball got faster over time, it would capture the pure adrenaline I feel over some other reflexy-actiony games I've played before.