Second Thief

You are the second hand of the clock! Press SPACE to advance yourself one second, but don't get caught! See how much time you can steal away!

When the eyes open up and the lights turn on, make sure not to hit space. If you do, the clock will reset and you'll have to start again.

This project was created over a 1-week period. Programming, design, 3D models, and art by Jordan Grayson. 
Song 'OkeyDokeySmokey' by Jason Shaw on
Font 'Glacial Indifference' created by and licensed from Hanken Design Co.
Sound effects done by Xiu Mei Golden and Jordan Grayson. 
Additional sound effects from
Special thanks to Xiu Mei Golden!

Creative Commons Music by Jason Shaw on

Daniel: 02:05:17
LincolnCarpenter: 02:02:18
Drew Caines: 01:01:09
MatthewRobo: 00:36:13
Miles Logan: 00:21:55
Azeroth: 00:20:08

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsLow-poly, Non violent, one-button, Real-Time, Short, Singleplayer, Stealth, Unity
AccessibilityOne button


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Jordan! Finally something that makes all the time I spent playing clicker games on the track and field bus in middle school worth it! Seriously though, this is super creative and super well polished. The aesthetic is really nice, and I love the double view of the clock so that you can see the second hand spin around from straight on, while also having the close up which is super cool in and of itself. I agree with Miles when they say that the difficulty could maybe increase over time. One thing I thought of was that maybe the person is more likely to check the more seconds you've stolen in a short amount of time, so if you steal at a slower more consistent pace they're less likely to check, which might bring an aspect of strategy into the game. I feel like without that or quick re-checks that could catch the player off guard, the game feels like it's almost there, but could use some adjusting. Overall though, it's super fun and I did spend way too long playing this. (I got 01:01:09!) Overall though, great work, and you should seriously consider making a release version of this.


I love that you took this prompt and made something totally unexpected. Of course when I thought about non-human pov I imagined an animal, alien, or some other creature. Taking an inanimate object and creating a fun game was a great idea. The camera angle and visual design were done very well and the overall mechanics and gameplay were smooth. 

My only critique more so has to do with tuning. It's relatively easy to spam the button to get ahead. I think there should be a way to prevent the player from doing so and make it more skill based. Other than that it's a really good idea! Nice work!!


The fact that the prompt only asked for a non-person pov prototype and you delivered a game with this level of completion marks it a very overachieving project! Great job on making this a full game. I think you must've put down a lot of effort in making the camera working due to how you need to deal with quaternion rotations. Good work! - Frank


This is awesome! It reminds me a lot of LunaWoolf's Space for Pause , and that's definitely a good thing. Yours is certainly very unique, and I don't the critiques I had for her game. I love that the clock displays the actual IRL time, I love the dual visuals of the clock close up and far away, I like the sound and movement of the objects. My one critique is that it's a bit too easy. The time when you need to stop is too long after the visual queue, so it's very easy to notice and stop clicking. Overall this is a very solid project though! Good job!


I love this game! The concept is so funny and really hits that point in reality where people are like, "ugh, the clock is messing with me!" It's a great exploration of such a feeling, and I feel like a feisty time snatcher when I engage with this game.

This game sort of reminds me of WarioWare in the best way. I could legit see it in one of the renditions. The eyes just need a spiky mustache underneath them and you're good to go.

Critique: I think the art is really good all around, but the eyes seem a little stylistically inconsistent with the rest of the work. Maybe a way to fix this would be to go back into them and give them a drop shadow, so they look cartoony 3D?  Like cell-shaded contemporary Mickey Mouse energy or something.


Hi Jordan!

REALLY great job with this one! The core design and aesthetics are amazing! It's a really unique concept and it's a very addicting gameplay loop. I could easily see this as one of those games that gets #1 on the app store because of how simple yet fun it is, especially with it looking this good.

My one critique is that I feel the difficulty could use a bit more tuning. Right now the game feels a bit more like a test of patience and interest rather than one of hardcore skill. I wasn't really ever worried about being caught and my longest playthrough was to around 22 minutes stolen until I lost on purpose to see what losing looked like. I think the time to react to the eyes could be decreased, especially when getting later into the game. I think that would take the game over the edge and make it the best version of the game it could possibly be. With a harder difficulty, I could see myself spending way too much time trying to squeeze out a couple of extra seconds past my high score.

I know this critique may read a bit harsh and I'm sorry :( but it's because you really nailed everything else and I legitimately think you should work on it a bit more and publish it on mobile app stores. I cannot stress enough how great this is. Phenomenal job Jordan!!

Also: Can I make it on to the high score board 🥺  


aklsfsdfj also I forgot to add I love the fact that it uses the actual time, I noticed it and I was like "yoooooooooooooooo"

(please ignore the time on my screenshot though and the times of these comments lol)

Thank you so much Miles! I agree with the difficulty critique and I'm trying to think of the best way to implement one. As you and others have suggested maybe having the eyes look sooner after the sound, having the sound decrease in volume over time, and/or giving double seconds while the eyes are in the opening animation are good starting points. I really appreciate your excitement and enjoyment about the game, thank you. Also nice score! I added you to the leaderboard :)


this game kinda tight tho

I think there needs to be stronger incentive to take risks, or ways to fail more easily. The red eye warning is very reactable and the buffer is wide enough that this game can last a bit too long. Making the buffer a bit more random and say, doubling the amount of seconds gained during warning time might make games shorter.