Release of Shadows of Huntshire!


Today is release day for Shadows of Huntshire!

We have really enjoyed developing this game over the past few months and are incredibly excited for this release!

This version of the game includes all of our main storyline, multiple complete character story arcs, refined special abilities, a new introduction, our recent gameplay and story tweaks, many bug fixes, and some quality of life improvements. We are happy with this release version and hope you enjoy it. Work on the game continues post release, so expect to see some additional updates with some more bug fixes and tweaks in the coming weeks.

The positive reception and feedback from the previous versions of the game is really encouraging! All of your comments and messages mean a lot to us, and help us make improvements based on your experiences, so thank you for that!
We hope you enjoy managing and manipulating the residents of Huntshire and uncovering the stories of the town while trying to bring about the return of the old gods.

Thank you so much for playing!

-Team Huntshire

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