Your lord needs to regain his power, you shall appease his hunger with a sacrifice every season.

Shadows of Huntshire

Each card represents a person living in Huntshire that attends your church. As the high priest, you pair residents up every month to surveil and keep tabs on one another. 

Every three months you must sacrifice someone to the old gods, however, only a person sufficiently broken down by the religion can be sacrificed. If you do not have a sacrifice ready at the end of the season, your divine mission fails. 

Each month, residents will come to you with information or problems, looking for your guidance to resolve them.

About the Game

Shadows of Huntshire is a choice based narrative card game. You assume the role of the high priest in the town of hutshire, determined to sacrifice enough townspeople for the return of your lord. Shadows of Huntshire was developed over 14 weeks in Unity and was based on a previous prototype by Claire Wang, Luna Wu, Isabella Chen, and Zitta.

Shadows of Huntshire has a fixed narrative with multiple endings based on your choices. It also involves managing the stats of the townspeople, pairing and using their abilities strategically so their stats are low enough when the next sacrifice season occurs.

We hope you enjoy managing Huntshire and uncovering the mysteries of the old gods.

Creator Links

Claire Wang:
Drew Caines: ttps://
Euris Adino:
Geneva Heyward:
Jordan Grayson:
Miles Rosenthal:


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Download 43 MB

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When Dolf disappears and returns you can't see his card.


I really like how it works and the story is very cool the music is great and i like how it works its pretty simple but really fun.

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it!


I love the concept and the mechanics are great. The story of each character makes them feel more real. Even though they are just card that you "discard" every 3 turns, you end up wondering if you miss something of their development sacrificing them.

There are 2 thing I want to point out:

-Not sure if its on purpose or not, but I barely needed the especial abilities of the characters. Once you understand the main mechanic, you can just mix cards together, so they compesate each other and both end up on 10/10/10 more or less. Maybe if there were abilities that required lower stats than 10 to lower other's stats and increase their own stats would help to use more often this skills. Or decreasing the requirements for using them. 

-I'm not sure if it's because it's a beta or because I missed something, but I didn't really understand the ending. I was loving the player's development and how the town changed with them throught each season, but once you reach the end... I feels like something is off. It's like the story through the game and the ending were two different things instead of complementing each other. In fact, it's like you were supose to lose on purpose.

Don't get me wrong, I really liked the game and I'm looking foward to play it once it's finish. I just wanted to let you know what I saw so you can make even a better game. Keep it up!


Thanks so much! Really appreciate the feedback.
Since the beta release we have updated some of the values and abilities to smooth out the difficulty and make the abilities more useful. We also have made some updates to the ending of the game. But you are onto something with feeling like losing is better for the world as a whole, because your goal as the main character is to bring about the return of an old one which from an outside point of view is likely not a good outcome.

So happy you played through though and enjoyed it!